Environment & Social Responsibility

ABC Merch Shop is powered by Good Thanks Ventures, an on-demand merchandise supplier based in Sydney, Australia.

The main supplier used for for garment supply is AS Colour. Please read about their social responsibility policies here.

All the product is assembled and dressed in Australia, unless it is not possible and then it is specified on those selected product and is clearly stated on the product page.

We are constantly working to improve our packaging to ensure that materials used are as sustainable and environmentally responsible as it can be. Wherever possible, we avoid plastics, have switched to compostable mailers and use cardboard to package vinyl and bulky items.

The team at Good Thanks are constantly looking at how we can improve in our efforts and will regularly update this page with regards to our sustainability efforts.

What are we doing to minimise our impact on the environment?

The team at Super Special stand by our responsibility to clients, customers, colleagues and supply partners in ensuring that the items we make and sell are produced under acceptable conditions and in an ethical way.

This means that all items have been produced:

  • Lawfully, through fair & honest dealing;
  • Without exploiting the people who made them;
  • In decent working conditions and;
  • Without damaging the environment